Urwerk is a Swiss watchmaking company, created in 1995 at a meeting of the two brothers, Felix and Thomas Baumgartner. Both men have extensive watchmaking experience but their goal in creating the Urwerk brand was to develop new innovations and designs in watchmaking.

The name is compiled of two parts. Ur is an ancient Sumerian city of Ur, where people over 6000 years ago used giant sundials to measure time, and Werk, the German word for work, create, evolve, shape, etc. It is also a play on the German word “Urwerk”, which is the German word for the movement used in watches.

In 1997, they launched their first two watches and named each 101″ (gold) and “102” (steel) at Basel with the AHCI. In 2003 , they presented their new watch “103” with its orbiting satellites at Basel which caught the attention of “Harry Winston Rare Timepieces. This lead to a 2004 partnership and the production of the Opus V model (produced in partnership with Harry Wintson). In 2005, they launched the model “103.03”and in 2007 Launch of their newest watch model “201” at Geneva Fairs. Time on the “201” is displayed using telescopic minute hands operating through the middle of three orbiting and revolving hour satellites. The telescopic minute hands precisely adjust their length to follow the three vectors marking the minutes: 14, 15, 44, 45, 60. Extended, they enable the 201 to display the time across a large easy-to-read, dial. Retracted, they allow for a very wearable sized case; thus providing the wearer with both capabilities.

In 2009, Urwerk launched the extremely stylish Urwerk 103 T (Tarantula). Its sleek black design is modeled after the insect which shares its namesake. A few improvements are found on the 103T versus its predecessor, the 103.

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