DB Milau – Reaching for the stars!

DB Milau is a Dutch brand of luxury watches now making its way to the USA. DB Milau offer an alternative to the brands that have been around seemingly forever and that sell countless watches per year – why be one of a million when you could be one in a million? With each watch in the range being named after a star, the combination of iconic Dutch design and Swiss precision movements are made for those with the vision to see beyond the norm and dare to be different.

DB Milau watches are manufactured with the best available materials and designed to show class. That is why we named all DB Milau watches after a star. DB Milau watches are made of Swiss materials, while the design and assembly is done in the Netherlands. This is how DB Milau offers Dutch elegance with Swiss precision.

Swiss movements
By using robust Swiss movements with proven quality, these watches will last for generations. With their timeless design, DB Milau watches are not just beautiful, they have reliable technology inside as well. To ensure a long-term investment, the availability of the service and parts is guaranteed for at least 20 years.

Successful Dutch mentality
You can recognize the Dutch influence in our straightforward and down-to-earth mentality. The Dutch are known for their sharp, worldwide business. Although the successful businessman knows how to enjoy life, he doesn’t want to show off during business time. The choice of luxury items in your lifestyle defines who you are. That is why DB Milau watches offer unobtrusive class during daytime, while shining at night like a jewel.

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