We are a small, family-owned private business based in South Florida, USA. We specialize in both brand-new and pre-owned high end Men’s Watches (and sometimes ladies’ watches when the pieces are spectacular!!). We are not authorized dealers for any of the brands we sell, but our love for watches keeps us providing special watches at special prices.We purchase our watches ONLY through very reputable sources and can 100% guarantee authenticity.

We only sell watches that are complete with all boxes and papers. Each watch carries a serial number given to it by the factory, and we will never sell or advertise a watch that has had its serial number altered in any way. Likewise, all pre-owned pieces are inspected carefully before we put them out for sale and 100% authenticity is guaranteed.We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and we do our best to provide the right products at the most competitive prices. We try to source very special pieces that are either hard-to-find and in most cases are special numbered editions. If there is something specific that you are looking for, and you do not see that we carry it, please ask us. In most cases, we can source what you are looking for at the most competitive price in a very timely fashion.


We all have seen the oh-so-many watch web sites advertising hundreds, if not thousands, of watches for sale. Then when contacted to make a purchase, the watch is “not in stock” or has to be ordered and is several weeks away from delivery. We at Timepiece Trader, LLC. may only carry between 100-400 watches at any one time– but what we offer is that each and every watch is in stock and available for immediate delivery.All of our photos depict the actual watch being sold – no stock photos, no old stock pictures.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide what we advertise – no waiting periods, no out-of-stock–just same day shipping to your wrist. We do our very best to keep up with our sales and keep the web site current, sometimes we sell pieces quicker than we can keep up with, and we may show a piece that we no longer have. We do our best not to let this happen! But if it does, we can still on most occasions fill the order. If you want something that you do not see – JUST ASK US – we can almost always find what you are looking for!Enjoy and thank you for visiting Timepiece Trader, LLC.