Machine No 3

MB&F or Maximillian Busser and Friends, is a creative luxury watch brand founded in 2005 in Geneva, Switzerland. The company is comprised of a collective of horological artisans and artists that produces three-dimensional, intricately designed, high end timepieces. Busser began working for other watchmakers such as Jaeger LeCoultre and Harry Winston. He left Harry Winston to form his company.

Each year, MB&F produces a new Horological Machine and introduced the Horological Machine No. 1 in 2005. The HM1 or Horological Machine 1 is the first wristwatch movement to have the energy transmitted to the regulating system from two sources simultaneously. Additional models that have been produced include: The HM2, which features a mechanical movement offering a combination of: Instantaneous Jump Hour, Concentric Retrograde Minutes, Retrograde Date, Bi-Hemisphere Moon Phase and Automatic Winding, the HM3, the HM3 Frog, and the HM4 Thunderbolt.

Timepiece Trader, LLC sells authentic MB&F watches, every pre-owned watch purchased from Timepiece Trader, LLC comes standard with a one year, in-house warranty from the date of purchase.

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